REVIEW: Shakespeare! The Panto, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★☆☆☆

Putting the character of William Shakespeare into a pantomime themed fringe show is an interesting concept. Shakespeare! The Panto takes this concept and takes it to relative success. The narrative works, it’s easy to follow and as with all pantomimes the standard caricatures are present, but many lack energy and enthusiasm. The supporting cast provide good […]

REVIEW: The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★★★☆

A genius combination of mime, mellow drama and physical theatre (not an element of drama I often enjoy), The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar follows the story of a tyrannical caterpillar dictator who eats all the food in the land, and the starving subject’s plot to kill him as a result. This. Show. Is. Mad. I loved […]

REVIEW: The Silliad: Improvised Myths and Legends, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★★★☆

Ok boys and girls, here we are again. Welcome to the tidal wave of improvised comedy show’s available at the Fringe. Along with accapella and those classic ‘Shakespeare-with-a-twist’; the improv comedy market is VERY hit and miss. You have to be vigilant when choosing what you want to see. Generally, improv shows with a strong […]

REVIEW: Matt Hoss: Here Comes Your Man, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★★☆☆

Oh my. Oh my, oh my. Matt Hoss. What a unique individual. I’ll be honest, there isn’t a huge amount to say about Matt Hoss. However what there is to say is largely positive.  Although the stand up comic treads the oh so familiar ground of the classic comic routine surrounding relationship problems, (YAY. Another […]

REVIEW: The 2 Mouthed Men Show ★★★★★

Allow me to introduce you to the idea of beatboxing and comedy combined by two men on stage for an hour. Doesn’t sound like your sort of thing? Perhaps you think that the idea of those two things being combined is a terrible idea and wouldn’t be worth seeing. I thought that too. Until I […]

Review: King Lear, Oddbodies Production Company, Brighton Fringe 2019 ★★★★★

One actor. Five Acts. Eighty minutes. Fifteen plus characters. One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. I’ll be honest, on face value I couldn’t help but thinking: “this could go either way”. The play begins; high pitched male singing can be heard from within the audience; now I’m thinking: “This isn’t the King Lear I know” […]

Review: Macbeth, This Is My Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2019 ★★★★☆

Ah yes, Shakespeare at the fringe. Always an interesting adventure for a punter, and the experience often goes one of two ways: Either you’ll walk away confused and uninspired, or be blown away by some new and innovative way of performing it. The whole ‘Shakespeare-with-a-twist’ genre can sometimes be a dangerous game for companies to […]

Review: Banging and Screwing, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 ★★★☆☆

Megan Juniper, playwright and performer, this year brings us her third consecutive Edinburgh Fringe show, a musical adventure set in an independent and struggling hardware store, exploring the meaning of masculinity in todays society. Leggy Blonde Productions‘ niche is relationships and sexual health, this niche paired with provocative titles results in large and consistent audiences. […]

Review: Any Suggestions, Doctor? An Improvised Adventure in Space and Time, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 ★★★★☆

At the Edinburgh Fringe the choice of shows is overwhelming. The comedy in particular is a highly saturated market, and to compete there is an extremely difficult endeavour. The seemingly endless supply of Accapella, Shakespeare-with-a-twist and comedy improv shows are particularly abundant. The standard of these types of shows vary hugely, and when it comes […]

Review: Hamlet by Shit-Faced Shakespeare, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 ★★★★☆

Armed with only a bottle of Death Juice I entered McEwan Hall with high hopes. Having last year watched the companies version of Romeo and Juliet I knew roughly what to expect and could easily justify the £13 ticket. Shit-Faced Shakespeare is a genius and potentially dangerous concept. The idea to get classically trained actors and […]

Review: Death Juice ★☆☆☆☆

Hi. My name’s Mike Dorey, and I’m an alcoholic. According to the reputable news source that is Google, humans have been drinking alcohol for ’10 million years’. During that time, as a society we have developed ways to get more drunk in a much more condensed time frame all while spending less money. Prinking, bulk […]