REVIEW: Growing into My Skin, Ioana Goga, Paris Fringe 2020 ★★★★☆

There is something to be said about a piece of art which has the scope to be both deeply personal and widely universal. Ioana Goga’s Growing into My Skin falls into this category. Goga’s topics of womanhood, love, mental health, and life are topics which hold an undeniable universality and any audience member would be […]

REVIEW: Wave Form, Aria Scarlett, Paris Fringe Festival, 2020 ★★★☆☆

Moving any type of theatre to online live streaming has its challenges, as I’m sure the performers, organisers and viewers of Paris Fringe have recognised. Theatre as a medium has the luxury to ask its patrons to suspend their beliefs at the door. It can create a fully immersive feeling that is often missing from […]