Great Beer. Great Shows.

That’s our motto and it’s a simple one, we like good beer and we like good shows. So we’ve combined those into this magazine. Founded at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018, we write reviews, interviews and original content about the three loves of our lives – theatre, comedy and alcohol.

No bullshit, no pretentiousness, no soberness. We’re just a couple of guys and girls watching shows and knocking back three pints an hour at a minimum.

If you’re interested in a review get in touch with us on Twitter @bingefringemag or shoot a DM to the writer you think would be most interested in your show.

Our Writers

We’ve got a crack team of half-inebriated writers ready to review, interview and analyse. Find out a little more about them below.

Jake Mace

Editor, reviewer and interviewer. Interested in historical theatre, political theatre, satire, stoner comedy, absurdist theatre & solo shows. His favourite drink is a pint of Brewdog Punk IPA.

Jake is a playwright, performer and director. Currently working as co-Artistic Director at Slipshod Theatre and studying an MA in European Politics at the University of Dundee. @jakemacetheatre

Jasper Cresdee-Hyde

Reviewer. Interested in political theatre, pop culture, sketch comedy, student theatre, science fiction and new writing. His favourite drink is a stone cold glass of water.

Jasper works as an independent filmmaker. He is also studying at the University of Cambridge. @jasper_ch

Mike Dorey

Reviewer and interviewer. Interested in drama, musicals, live comedy, storytelling, improvisation and youth theatre. His favourite drink is a double vodka coke (Smirnoff, of course).

Mike is an actor prevalent in local theatre in the South East of England. Working primarily with Discarded Nut Theatre Company in Winchester and Slipshod Theatre. @mikeedorey

Ronan Goron

Reviewer. Interested in music, improvisation, live comedy, drama, absurdist theatre, mixed media and film. His favourite drink is a Rekorderlig.

Ronan works with performing company Slipshod Theatre producing original music and theatre. He is studying a degree in Film at the University of Sussex. @ronangoron