Binge Fringe is back for EdFringe 2021!

Binge Fringe is back for EdFringe 2021!

After what has been an infinitely turmoil-filled year for all of us in the arts community, your favourite alcohol-infused reviewers have returned for another year of antics and entertainment.

We’ll be visiting the last few weeks of EdFringe 2021 and inhaling all the theatre, music, dance, comedy and street performance we can get our hands on.

This fresh opportunity to look at the way that we present our festival and our art has geared up plenty of excitement in the Binge Fringe echelons and we can’t wait to get started.

Got a show you think we should see? A pint you think we should sip? Please get in touch! Drop us a DM on Twitter @bingefringemag or send us an email over at [email protected]

Let’s get back into it!

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