REVIEW: Shakespeare! The Panto, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★☆☆☆

Putting the character of William Shakespeare into a pantomime themed fringe show is an interesting concept. Shakespeare! The Panto takes this concept and takes it to relative success.

The narrative works, it’s easy to follow and as with all pantomimes the standard caricatures are present, but many lack energy and enthusiasm. The supporting cast provide good levels of life to the songs, however it is very clear that some are enjoying themselves far less than others. This is very distracting for an audience. I was also put off by the two members of the technical team sat to my left, who throughout the show were either having their own conversation (audible to the audience) or laughing so loud that audience members would turn around to see what on earth was going on.

One of the only saving graces was the actor playing Shakespeare. Her facial expressions and reactions throughout were spot on and should set an example to the rest of the cast.