Review: Blue Moon ★★★☆☆

In any other context if someone asked me whether not I wanted a slice of orange in my lager, I would suggest they were potentially under the influence of some sort of narcotic substance. With Blue Moon, a hoppy “Belgian-style” (it was originally brewed in Denver and is now brewed in my previous home city of Norwich for UK consumers) wheat ale, whatever that means.

Blue Moon harbours a lot of nostalgia for me. I believe the first time I drank it was during the first Edinburgh Festival Fringe I performed at and it became a fast favourite. But like anything in this life, the excitement dies down after a while when you realise that having a slice of orange in your drink is just as novel an experience as using a bidet while on holiday in France. The first time is refreshing but every time after that just feels unnecessary.

I realise now this review has turned more into a rant about orange slices than the actual beer itself. The beer is nice, sure. It harks back to a naive time in my youth where I didn’t mind spending £5 on a pint just as long as I got that sweet citrus hit.

Header image credit: thebrokenone/Flickr (Creative Commons Non-Commercial