Review: Tennent’s ★★★☆☆

As the old saying goes “Tennents flows like water in Scotland.” At least it might go like that, I don’t know, I 100% just made that up.

But I don’t think there’s any evidence to contrary that. Come to Edinburgh and you’ll see the infamous, luring T sign dangling outside of every bar, pub and generally any beer-dispensing place. Tennent’s is like any Love Island contestant – bubbly and cheap.

In contrast to this, however, Tennent’s is celebrated as the best way to get pished in Edinburgh (yes I’m in with the lingo) without just downing a bottle of Aldi branded Vodka on Cowgate and running into the Hive with your shirt off.

In reality, Tennent’s is alright. Neither here nor there. I’d probably drink it over a Kronenbourg or a Carling but if something a bit more hoppy was on offer I’d dump it in a second.

But if you like getting fucked really quickly then what have you got to lose with a crisp and cold pint of Tennent’s?