My Edfringe Sign Off: Jake Mace

So my very short but sweet tenure at Edfringe this year has ended. I’m a little disappointed I was only able to make it for a week this year, however it was a fun packed week of debauchery and some brilliant, brilliant shows. As I head off on the turn of my heel to Camden, here’s my sign off for Edfringe 2018. We still have a few reviews to go up, so keep checking up the next couple of days!

Let’s start by talking about the best. I can’t go five minutes without talking about how much I enjoyed The Dip by Milk and Blood Theatre. I always love seeing shows at TheSpaceUK venues because it’s a workshop of fantastic stuff waiting to be discovered. I went to see The Dip twice as I was told by Max, one of the actors, that they were changing shit up every night and it certainly didn’t fail to impress. It’s always good to see something refreshing, something that reminds you that there are new voices in theatre which can make just as much of a statement as someone performing in McEwan Hall.

On that note, another fantastic up and coming show I saw was Bob The Russian. It was bloody clever, let’s say that at the least.

I’ve not gone an EdFringe yet without seeing Shitfaced Shakespeare. I think it’s fair to say that contrary to Mike’s glowing review, I was a little disappointed with this year’s offering of Hamlet. I think it was the venue to be honest with you, the vibe it’s had in previous years just wasn’t there.

Turning to improv, it was great to see the development of my favourite of the various university improv troupes doing the circuit – York’s The Shambles. They always put together a brilliant performance. A bit disappointed I wasn’t able to see The Improverts this year but the lucky bastards sold out so many shows and I’m always far too inebriated by half past midnight to buy tickets in advance.  ASD Improv’s Any Suggestions Doctor also well worth a watch.

Musicals! I saw the mildly disappointing Sweeney Todd by Ethereal Theatre To be fair, I was dragged into it not by choice. Never really been a fan of mainstream musicals at the Fringe so my opinion is always going to be skewed. Megan from Leggy Blonde Productions put on another jukebox smash hit with Banging and Screwing too, living proof that you can do small scale musicals and they can be good.

The Last Sesh by Ball Pit Theatre stole my nostaglic heart a little but sadly their run has now ended. I look forward to seeing what comes out of them and Tom Foreman in the coming years. It was also my second year of seeing hunk-a-dunk Benjamin Alborough’s Cream Tea and Incest, an Edwardian masterpiece.

I didn’t see too many deeply serious plays this year, though I was slightly disappointed with Mission: Her by Urban Trendz as I demonstrate in my review.

Let’s turn to what I drank: too much.

So another year done for me! Short one this time but I’ll be there for the month next year. Always watching. Always reviewing.

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